The Intro to Human Design Masterclass offers insights into who you uniquely are & who you came here to be in this world.


Are you ready to...


Learn how to consistently and reliably make decisions that are right for you?

Manifest and create in your life in a way that is authentic for you?

Let go of working harder instead of smarter and own the powerful role you're here to play?


During this 60-minute class, you will learn about....


Your Human Design Type which teaches you the role you are meant to play in this world


How you are designed to make decisions that are correct for you via your Strategy & Authority


How you can use Human Design to transform your life and live your purpose

Scroll down to learn more about how learning your Type, Strategy, & Authority can support you in your everyday life


    Your Type

    There are 5 Human Design Types that are each here to play a different role in the world.


    Some types are here to initiate action & get the ball rolling and then rest before moving onto the next project while others are here to go-go-go and stick with the right projects and situations for the long haul.


    In a 9-5 working world, it's easy to think you're here to go-go-go when you may actually be designed to operate & create differently.


    Or you may be the go-go-go type yet everyone is always telling to slow down, take a rest, and focus on one thing at a time...


    Through this class, you'll understand how you are designed to create in the world.

    Your Strategy

    In the 'hustle and make it happen' world, we are actually not all designed to operate that way.


    Some of us are meant to respond to signs and symbols from the outside world to know that the timing is right, others are meant to wait for the right invitations that really honor their worth because they've got some serious wisdom to share. 


    Through my experiences with clients, I have found that understanding your Human Design Strategy can be a complete 'game changer.'


    Instead of constantly trying to 'do' 'figure out' or 'make happen,' you'll find ease and grace in knowing when and how to make changes that are right for you.

    Your Authority

    We are ALL designed to make our decisions differently, in our own unique way.


    We don't all have a 'gut hunch' and some of us are meant to sleep on decisions while others can say 'yes' (or no :) ) in the moment. 


    And the irony is...usually the people who think they can make a decision in the moment are the ones who need to sleep on it and the ones who actually can make a decision in the moment think they need to sleep on it!


    How are you designed to make decisions?


    Empower yourself with the understanding of how you are designed to consistently and reliably make decisions for yourself.

    This class will give you permission to be uniquely you.





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