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Jess Bubbico believes in a world where the 'woo' is no longer taboo and your 'weird' is your greatest wisdom. Jess is a Speaker, Emcee, Intuitive, & Human Design Specialist who inspires leaders to listen to and trust their inner guidance so they can be of greatest service to themselves and to the world at large.


In addition to speaking, Jess offers corporate workshops and trainings on Human Design to support team members in bringing their 'whole self' to the workplace.

On Stage Style


Jess brings a vibrant, fun, and grounding energy to the stage. Her commanding stage presence is both energizing and uplifting. Jess easily connects with the audience inviting them into a deeper understanding of themselves and how to connect with the infinite wisdom that exists within them. With her boldness and wit, she captivates the audience and invites them into a new field of possibility within themselves. Your audience will walk away with the tools they need to connect with their inner knowingness and that voice within that is always guiding them home to their most authentic, truest version of themselves.

What People Are Saying

Jennifer Markas

Women's Jewelry Association

Executive Director

Jess completely captivated our membership with her virtual presentation! She helped us explore new methods for fostering greater resilience in our lives by teaching us how we can begin manifesting and creating more intentionally in our careers.


Jess has a down-to-earth style that is easy to relate to, and makes everyone feel comfortable. Her work is so unique and inspiring. WJA highly recommends her for team-building events!




Alexandra Carlson

Pandora/Sirius XM

Data Consultant

Jess's talk was so powerful. Her enthusiasm and passion was evident in her talk. Her time at Pandora was well thought out, relevant, and genuine. She was able to handle all questions asked by our attendees which were employees from all across our organization. She also offered private individual attention to a handful of people which was the cherry on top of an awesome morning session. 


I would love to have Jess back either virtually or in person to explore how Human Design can drive productivity and energy in the workplace!


Thomas Waterman

Purpose Pioneers


Jess has a powerful stage presence that is both calming and engaging.  It was incredible how she was speaking to everyone in the audience but it felt as if she was talking directly to me.


I learned how my specific Human Design type can help me excel in life, business, and relationships, which is so valuable! I can’t wait to hear her speak again, her presentation watered my soul






Alexandria Agresta

Purpose Pioneers


Amber Kierra

Kingdom Eyes

Founder & CEO

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