Human Design Intuitive Reading

You are wise & powerful beyond measure beautiful soul.


This Human Design + Intuitive Reading is designed to support you in understanding y-o-u! We are not all created the 'same' and what works for one person, may not work for you.


This session includes a reading of your Human Design chart paired with channeled Intuitive Guidance to understand where you are living in/out of alignment with your Design in your current life.

You are designed to be uniquely you and to experience deep abundance in every aspect of your life. From your relationship with yourself, to your personal relationships, to your business or career - you are meant to be deeply expressed as the person you innately are.


Your answers rest within you.


What would it be like to navigate your life  with a clear understanding of your innate purpose, how you're designed to make decisions, & how your intuition speaks to you while knowing works best to support you in being fully, completely, and uniquely you?


During your reading, you'll learn...


✨ Your Unique Purpose: Understand your unique purpose & how to express it in your business and life to experience greater joy, flow, and abundance. (Even if you already have a business, this will point point more specifically in your innate design your exact purpose).


✨ Decision Making: The best way for you to make empowered, aligned decisions for yourself - some people are designed to make decisions in the moment while others are designed to wait. Some of us are designed to initiate while others need to wait for the right invitation. Learn how to enter into new projects, business ventures, and investments in the correct way for you.


Intuition: Decipher how your intuition uniquely speaks to you- Do you get gut feelings? Do you receive messages through sounds or visions? What's your exact intuitive superpower?


Environments: Your home environment is meant to be your sanctuary and space to unwind and recharge. Learn what types of environments suit you and your energy best - including how you sleep and who you physically share a bed with!


✨ Work Style & Abundance Generation: Some people are meant to be 9-5ers (and if you really love your work, maybe you are an 8 to 9er!) and some simply are meant to work in spurts because their energy is inconsistent. The way you manifest and create abundance is completely different based upon your design (some people truly are 4 hour work week people (🙋🏻‍♀️) and others need those long hours to create in a job they absolutely love because they've got the energy!) Learn how your energy works best to create abundance in your life.




You'll leave this session feeling incredibly empowered to live life in alignment with who you are and how you uniquely came here to create abundance, joy, & fulfillment in your life to embody in your magic!


**You MUST know your exact birthdate, birth time, and birth location in order to book this session as your Human Design Chart is calculated based on these factors**


Session Price: $177

Intuitive Guidance Session

Connect with your angels, guides, & loved ones who have crossed over to receive clear guidance into the different aspects of your life.


Receive clear, loving messages from your angels, guides, and loved ones who have crossed over to support you in living with greater peace, clarity, and purpose.


These sessions are here to connect you with the core essence of who you are and guide you in the ways your soul desires to guide you at this time.


Dive deeper into what is currently happening in your life as well as receive guidance into the past & future.


You'll leave your Intuitive Guidance Session with clearer direction, understanding of yourself and your life, & purpose along your path.



Session Price: $88/ 30 minutes


What People Are Saying

"I've had several readings with Jessica over the past few years. They were always in person, so I wasn't so sure about a video/phone reading. Well I was WRONG! It didn't change a single thing. She has this way of centering you and then just digging right in. I've never had someone so accurately work on me before. I ALWAYS write things down, because sometimes they don't seem relevant in the moment. Then down the road I look back and can connect those things 100% of the time. I would highly recommend regular readings with Jessica, as well as her intuition courses. She helped me develop and hone in on my own intuition, and it has changed my world!"

- Candace S., Charlotte, NC


"I love getting readings from Jess. She is a gifted beautiful soul who always treats me with respect and a genuine interest in providing me guidance. Her approach is kind and compassionate. She makes me feel seen and heard. My readings with her have been accurate, and delivered from a place of trying to help me understand the situation from a higher perspective. I find having that insight into a situation has been able to calm frayed nerves and provide options I was not able to see previously."

Crissy C., Charlotte, NC



"Wow! I absolutely loved my intuitive business reading with Jess. It helped me to deepen my trust in myself as she echoed much of what I'd been feeling & thinking for so long & that helped me to own the power of my own intuition at a deeper level & that is priceless. She gave me clarity, renewed faith & a strengthened determination to keep moving forward in my business & listening to the whisperings of my own soul. Beyond all of that, Jess is easy to talk to, warm, a great energy, professional & really knows her stuff. If you need an impartial, outside perspective - someone that's connected to what we can't see in this world to help you along in any part of your life, I 100% recommend Jess. Jess, thank you for being the bright, beautiful light that you are in this world." 

-Jade S., London, UK

"I spent most of my adult life doing personal development, chasing self-help, and doing as many deep dives as I could to understand who I am and how I relate to the world. But one of the most powerful tools I have recently discovered was Human Design. Jess was able to pull up my chart and explain it so clearly and it gave me such incredible insight. It was an a-ha moment that I have not had before! It was like a users manual to myself. I can’t recommend it enough to people to do for themselves but also to do in relationships. What a phenomenal way to know how to relate to your partner and for them to relate to you. Thank you Jess for opening another chapter in my book of life!!”

-Lisa M., Denver, CO

"I met Jess at a mind body conference several years back. I passed her table and there was a man standing in front of it and he told me, you want to have a reading with her. I've had many readings but she always brings me to tears. And he was right, she connected with my dad and I was brought to tears. Since that time, I've had many readings with Jess. Her intuitive insights and spiritual support have been a guiding force in my life the past few years. Her readings always give me peace and guidance in exactly where I need, at that moment in time. She has a gift and I am truly grateful she shares it with the world everyday." 

- Carolyn S., Boynton Beach, FL


"I'm not sure I could fully articulate how amazing working is Jess actually is. She meets you with such a pure genuine heart to help you find your deepest desires and questions with grace. Her intuitive ability is unlike anything I have ever experienced before, and after having a quick 15 minuet chat with her on a wim I was blown away and booked a full hour session for the following week. Whether you are meeting Jess for the first time or booking an in depth session you are getting the same light hearted, beautiful charisma passionate human soul in both."

Jane K., Denver, CO

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